Friday, January 26, 2007

Twin Pines Winter Retreat 2007

I did it again. A lack of posts means a lack of interest. Sorry. I have a reason. Last weekend our Church Youth Group had their Winter Retreat at the church's camp. Here's the kids. Okay. It was a fun trip. I got to learn some new things and relearn the same old stuff. New: MTD - Moralistic Theraputic Deism and that 75% of the teenagers have it and don't know it. This guy here taught the lessons. His name is Jeff Berger and he was great. He really had the kids attention. But, that was only during the worship time. The old stuff I had to relearn involves the average junior high school teenager. Two girls decided to go meet some of the boys at about 12:30am the first night we were there (Friday). Of course, they got caught. Next, two of the boys, (two that are in my middle school class) thought what fun it would be to go out at 3:00am in ten degree weather (in snow) and go streaking. They're nuts I tell you. And, no, the guy in the brown coat IS a boy. The top story of the trip was "Pass the Nanner." There were five junior high guys that went on the retreat. They're not the smartest apples (in this case, bananas) in the bunch. One of them started throwing a banana peel around. After "passing the nanner", the peel ended up in the in the toilet. And then they flushed. and then it clogged. I was not a happy camper (no pun intended.) The reason they gave me was they didn't want the smell of a rotting banana in the trash can. This is your future America!!!
So that was the trip. Other standard events included me loosing my keys, (I found them) the hike down a really, really steep cliff of lose shale, (ask michelle about that one. I won't explain because of privacy laws) and the lack of sleep (don't ask or I'll go on and on about it.) Finally, more about the future of our society. The one lady who helps teach the middle school class went for a walk on Sunday morning. She's walking and comes across a deer. It ran off, of course, and it was just a serene moment. I wish the wife and I were there. Well, she returned to the girls' cabin to tell them what she saw. As soon as she was finished telling them, one of the girl asked "What did it say?" Even if I wasn't there to here it, I find it hilarious over and over. (I still harass her about her great question. Okay, I'm done. Catch you on the flipside.

Next Time: DA BEARS!

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fred (Pappy) said...

Way to go Dean & Michelle,
Hanging out with the youth and I'm sure, showing them
"THE WAY" is really COOL.
You guys are the best.
Keep up the good work.