Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day Tale of Love..

The following story features the official robotic mascot of The Robot's Pajamas ( and true love which conquers all..

This is Herman Botsworth. He spends most of his days in his pajamas ridiculing & complaining to his boss, Vincent. His life is about to change..

One day, a flower shop opened up in the neighborhood. While on assignment, Herman had to pick up flowers for Vincent's girlfriend. There he met Hildegarde Mechanington. It was love at first site.

They did everything together:

Snowboarding & skiing.

Star Wars Cosplay.

Robbed banks.

Before you knew it, Herman proposed to Hildegarde.

They eloped in Springfield, Illinois by an Abe Lincoln re-enactor.

They lived happy ever after... tossing Vincent's skull around like a beach ball.

The End.

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Schaeffer's Snippets!

We're back for some more fun and excitement! In the winning tradition of William B. West's West Week Ever ( & The Robot Pajamas' Friday Round Up ( I bring you Schaeffer's Snippets! It's kinda like Marvel Comics' Bullpen Bulletins when they had more comic than ads. HERE  WE GO!!

ITEM: So the other week, the wifey & I did our annual chaperoning of our church's youth group to their Winter Youth Retreat to the Poconos. Every year we have a blast. We love doing it. This year was great until after we got home. I don't know where, either at the church, at the camp or at the mandatory stop at the Hamburg, PA Cabela's, I lost my wedding ring. My Precious. 'Gollum gollum' I feel naked without it. maybe it'll turn up. I was sad but slowly getting over it. Alex said it best: "Daddy, you're still married to mommy. It's okay." Cute kid...

ITEM: Last time I told you about Underscoopfire and how I got to guest on a recent podcast. Well, it came out on Jan. 29th! Here's the linkage: Give a listen and you'll here the sweet sounds of Corey, Tank & Joe and the nasally grating me as we talk about 1986.
I shall name him Goldilocks

ITEM: I'm on Instagram (as some know). I follow this gentleman by the screen name of Black Major. He makes custom GI Joe figures, mostly Cobra troopers. He hooked me up with this custom gold plastic Battle Android Trooper. I don't know how he makes these customs, but WOW, he's GOOD!!! You can find him on Instagram where on his profile, he shares a link to his Ebay page. If you're a Joe fan, check it out!

"More posts about me."
ITEM: Warm kitty, soft kitty... Everything is the same with the cats. They are still nuts and whiney. They did get to meet (for 2 seconds) an adorable Pomerian pup back around Christmas. I can't believe they're 10 1/2 years old.

ITEM: Room of Doom News: The room slowly grows crowded. I recently picked up a GI Joe Headquarters (The PITT) for $10. It was worth it considering it was just the bare bones of it. My friend Meister Shake calls it the Money PITT. True, but I think I'm just gonna use it for dioramas. Speaking of GI Joe toys, I've slowly calmed down with getting them. My Joe Toy Wishlist is pretty much completed so now it's onto other items, namely Generation 1 Transformers (NOT Bayformers) and vintage ('77- '85) Star Wars figures.

ITEM: I'm tired of snow. I want to see green grass and maple and oak leaves. Spring can't get here soon enough.

And that's all for now for Schaeffer's Snippets. It might return every so often, at least when I have multiple stories. So til next time, Catch You On The Flipside!!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Are You Scoopin' It?!?"

Picture courtesy of Meister Shake
For the past 2 - 3 years, I have been friends with 4 guys I met by accident. I've talked about the great Howie Decker & his equally great teammates, Joe Zicari, Chris Tanski, and Corey Chapman and their website for the children of the 80s, They run this website that started more about 80s culture and have become a haven for the geek related news. They also do a podcast which is more or less bi-weekly (sometimes bi-monthly, but I don't hold that against them) with every subject from Saved By The Bell (ALL A DREAM #spoileralert) to what stuff to look forward to in the year. I consider them the best group of guys ever.

Back in 2012, I got to join in on a podcast, but not with them. They have a following of fans and one invited me to got to RetroCon, a convention near Philly that features the stuff Generation X grew up with from the 70s, 80s, & 90s. ( Brian "Hail Mary" Morin got us there, then after walking around a bit, we sat down with another Underscoopfire fan, Meister Shake. We then recorded this podcast, (parental guidance is advised) I had a blasty-blast recording it and I could not wait to do it again some day.

Well, this past Sunday night, I was invited to join in with Corey, Tank, and Joe for a podcast recording. They are in the 80s in number of episodes, which they take a specific year and that is the episode number. We talked about 1986. Everything was nearly discussed, the good and the bad. I was a little unprepared, but I still had a great time. I can't wait til the episode is posted!

Tank, Corey, & Howie at this years Retrocon.
There you have it. If you get the chance, give them a listen, follow Underscoopfire on Twitter and Facebook, and bookmark their website. Make sure if you comment on any of their posts, tell them Lamar the Revenger sent ya! Catch you on the flipside!!

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Monday, January 06, 2014


In 1980, I started kindergarten. I went to Shanksville Elementary School.  I BARELY remember anything about it. Maybe crossing the parking lot to the playground. I remember singing a song about looking both ways before crossing the street. I don't remember any of the kids' names in my class but I remember going over to this girl's house. She was in my class and she had a cat that hated me and she called me nosy.

 I rode the bus to school. The little kids were to sit in the front but I sat in the back with the bigger kids once. I don't think they picked on my but laughed at how open I was to them. That's most of my memories of kindergarten...

Now, let's timeflip to 2013. My son, Alex, leaves for his first day of kindergarten. He is going to Stiegel Elementary in town. It's the same school my brother & I went to after we moved to Manheim. After the first week, Alex is already saying "I don't wanna go to school" when he wakes up in the morning. Heh. Much sooner than what I did, I think.

He's doing well, so far in school. We had our first Parent/Teacher Conference which went great. His teacher, Mrs. Burns says he's a joy to have in class. Alex is taking to reading & numbers very well. In fact, the wifey said he read a book to her the other night. Awesome! He'll be reading comic books soon enough. (just not mine.. I kid)

The biggest challenge though so far is getting him up. The bus stops at our house at 7:05am. He's usually starting to get up around 6:50. Since it's winter now, like all kids, snow days & delayed starts are the best thing ever for both him AND Mommy & Daddy.

So our little boy has started to grow up and take his first steps into a bigger world. Sadly, every time I think about him going to school, I think about The Logical Song from Supertramp.

Oh yeah.. one last thing. His reputation of being a lady's man is still intact. Michelle & I have asked about the girls in his class if he talks to them. He evades the questioning from me, but gives in to Mommy. Supposedly, there's one girl that he talks to a lot, but don't worry ladies.. his heart is for the teenagers..

Catch you on the flipside!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten Toys Bought or Purchased in 2013!!

And we're back! Mind blowing, isn't it! I managed to turn my phone into a mobile hotspot which pleases me greatly! Well, enough minor news let's get on with the show!!

This year was good for the ole toy hunt. Nothing like last year, but pretty darn good. I found stuff I wasn't expecting to find & stuff that just came out the blue. I want to give shout outs to those that deserve them for this list: Retrocon, Meister Shake, Brian 'Hail Mary' Morin, Howie Decker, Gabe Swarr, Chris Tanski, Corey Chapman, William Bruce West, Classick Materia, Tim Adams, & The Master, Eclectik Relaxation. And now, in no particular order.. The Top Ten Toys Bought or Purchased in 2013!

Honorable Mention: Devastator. I've been slowly building this gesalt over the past 15 years. He only gets an HM because most of the pieces I've had for over the years. Plus, I still need an arm and hand for him.

10. Princess Ardalla: I found Buck Rogers' main bad girl at a antique shop labeled Star Wars. $3 later she was on her way home to flirt with the other action figures on my miscellaneous shelf.

9. Zaku II: First of 2 Japanese models on the list. This hold significance due to the fact it was the first time I put water decals on a model, specifically a Gundam model. I HATE applying decals.

8. Stripe: The bad little Mogwai from the movie Gremlins was the second NECA figure I ever got. I just love the realism of him and the way you can move his eyes.

7. Green Lantern: I can't remember the line he came from, but he was part of the winnings I got from this year's Cold Slither March Madness Challenge. I got a gift certificate from Will's World o' Wonder (Check the link!) run by my pal, Will West.

6. Dr. Leonard McCoy: Speaking of Will, the first day I met him, we met at a collectible shop in Hershey where we saw this MEGO figure. I didn't buy him at the time, but I came back a month later and got him.
5. Grimlock: Like 2012, I went to Retrocon with Brian 'Hail Mary' Morin. This year, I won a 25th Anniversary Edition GI Joe figure. I had it, but offered it up for trade for this Transformer. 3 Dinobots down, 2 to go!

4. The Space Battleship Yamato: The 2nd model on the list was a challenge. I purchased it with a gift card given to me by Gabe Swarr for my birthday. It was one of the most insane and satisfying builds I have ever done. (Little pieces stink)

3. Zod: Wandering around near the end of Retrocon, I found the most unpredictable toy imaginable. You first press this Gobot's button on top and then it's a dangerous game to hit the off one on the bottom. I wasn't expecting it but after I got it home and from fresh batteries, it started right up.

2. Cobra Trubble Bubble: I been looking for this in shops and at Retrocon with no luck. Then the Underscoopfire (check that link too!) gang sent to me. With it was a note from the Editor In Chief, Howie Decker: "Dean, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the support you've given the site since day one. Without you we may have packed in and quit by now. it was great meeting you at Retrocon. Here's to more meetings in the future, Howie' When I read that, tears came. The Trubble Bubble was second to these guys I now consider brothers.

1. La-Mar the Reveng-Or: Speaking of a brother from another mother, I got this custom Masters Of The Universe Classics figure from the talented Meister Shake. He made a custom 'me' after seeing me in a sombrero & a Hawaiian shirt from my wife & mine trip to San Diego in '07. I love the Battle Bucket & War Mop he comes with. I added the Recycle Bin of Doom. Thanks again, Meister! #toykarma!

There you have it! This year's list of toy collected awesome. I do believe 2014 will be on the right track too. I gotta get the list for the year ready! Catch you on the flipside!

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Friday, December 27, 2013


Death. This is a look of death. Why is The Enforcer giving this look? Far too long has this outlet for mischief and mayhem has been quiet. I have been unable to update this blog due to issues, namely no main internet access. So, right of the bat I want to say thank you to my In Laws, Mom and Dad for the laptop this Christmas. And thank you Dunkin Donuts for the free wifi and the second greatest coffee on the planet. (my mom's is better, sorry)


ITEM: Alex is in kindergarten and as nutty & cute as ever. He's a gamer and I expect him to whip my rear in Smash Bros very soon.

ITEM: The Cats are the same. Just as noisy too.

ITEM: Michelle is still as beautiful as ever. Busy, but beautiful.

ITEM: I am ok.

ITEM: The Room Of Doom is still as full as ever and as a friend said, I need more shelf space. Speaking of toys, I plan to do some collection pictures in the future. (including the next post.)

ITEM: I've updated the blog layout. I've also added NEW links. William B. West is a WAY better blogger than I am. Same with Underscoopfire. Check these guys out. They are the best at there game. Be sure to check the other links too. Robot PJs rocks it almost everyday & Life In The Analog Age hits the memory button every Tuesday with extra fun here and there. SHARE THE LOVE!!

That's all for now. My coffee is almost all. For those new followers, WELCOME! Those returning, WELCOME BACK! And as always: CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE!!!!

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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Returning Soon

Hi! How you doin? We're dealing with some minor 'technical difficulties', but we should be back for more FUN!