Saturday, February 01, 2014

Schaeffer's Snippets!

We're back for some more fun and excitement! In the winning tradition of William B. West's West Week Ever ( & The Robot Pajamas' Friday Round Up ( I bring you Schaeffer's Snippets! It's kinda like Marvel Comics' Bullpen Bulletins when they had more comic than ads. HERE  WE GO!!

ITEM: So the other week, the wifey & I did our annual chaperoning of our church's youth group to their Winter Youth Retreat to the Poconos. Every year we have a blast. We love doing it. This year was great until after we got home. I don't know where, either at the church, at the camp or at the mandatory stop at the Hamburg, PA Cabela's, I lost my wedding ring. My Precious. 'Gollum gollum' I feel naked without it. maybe it'll turn up. I was sad but slowly getting over it. Alex said it best: "Daddy, you're still married to mommy. It's okay." Cute kid...

ITEM: Last time I told you about Underscoopfire and how I got to guest on a recent podcast. Well, it came out on Jan. 29th! Here's the linkage: Give a listen and you'll here the sweet sounds of Corey, Tank & Joe and the nasally grating me as we talk about 1986.
I shall name him Goldilocks

ITEM: I'm on Instagram (as some know). I follow this gentleman by the screen name of Black Major. He makes custom GI Joe figures, mostly Cobra troopers. He hooked me up with this custom gold plastic Battle Android Trooper. I don't know how he makes these customs, but WOW, he's GOOD!!! You can find him on Instagram where on his profile, he shares a link to his Ebay page. If you're a Joe fan, check it out!

"More posts about me."
ITEM: Warm kitty, soft kitty... Everything is the same with the cats. They are still nuts and whiney. They did get to meet (for 2 seconds) an adorable Pomerian pup back around Christmas. I can't believe they're 10 1/2 years old.

ITEM: Room of Doom News: The room slowly grows crowded. I recently picked up a GI Joe Headquarters (The PITT) for $10. It was worth it considering it was just the bare bones of it. My friend Meister Shake calls it the Money PITT. True, but I think I'm just gonna use it for dioramas. Speaking of GI Joe toys, I've slowly calmed down with getting them. My Joe Toy Wishlist is pretty much completed so now it's onto other items, namely Generation 1 Transformers (NOT Bayformers) and vintage ('77- '85) Star Wars figures.

ITEM: I'm tired of snow. I want to see green grass and maple and oak leaves. Spring can't get here soon enough.

And that's all for now for Schaeffer's Snippets. It might return every so often, at least when I have multiple stories. So til next time, Catch You On The Flipside!!

Next Time: I change my stance on something I really hate.

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