Friday, December 27, 2013


Death. This is a look of death. Why is The Enforcer giving this look? Far too long has this outlet for mischief and mayhem has been quiet. I have been unable to update this blog due to issues, namely no main internet access. So, right of the bat I want to say thank you to my In Laws, Mom and Dad for the laptop this Christmas. And thank you Dunkin Donuts for the free wifi and the second greatest coffee on the planet. (my mom's is better, sorry)


ITEM: Alex is in kindergarten and as nutty & cute as ever. He's a gamer and I expect him to whip my rear in Smash Bros very soon.

ITEM: The Cats are the same. Just as noisy too.

ITEM: Michelle is still as beautiful as ever. Busy, but beautiful.

ITEM: I am ok.

ITEM: The Room Of Doom is still as full as ever and as a friend said, I need more shelf space. Speaking of toys, I plan to do some collection pictures in the future. (including the next post.)

ITEM: I've updated the blog layout. I've also added NEW links. William B. West is a WAY better blogger than I am. Same with Underscoopfire. Check these guys out. They are the best at there game. Be sure to check the other links too. Robot PJs rocks it almost everyday & Life In The Analog Age hits the memory button every Tuesday with extra fun here and there. SHARE THE LOVE!!

That's all for now. My coffee is almost all. For those new followers, WELCOME! Those returning, WELCOME BACK! And as always: CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE!!!!

Next Time: Top Ten Toy Purchases I Made in 2013


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