Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten Toys Bought or Purchased in 2013!!

And we're back! Mind blowing, isn't it! I managed to turn my phone into a mobile hotspot which pleases me greatly! Well, enough minor news let's get on with the show!!

This year was good for the ole toy hunt. Nothing like last year, but pretty darn good. I found stuff I wasn't expecting to find & stuff that just came out the blue. I want to give shout outs to those that deserve them for this list: Retrocon, Meister Shake, Brian 'Hail Mary' Morin, Howie Decker, Gabe Swarr, Chris Tanski, Corey Chapman, William Bruce West, Classick Materia, Tim Adams, & The Master, Eclectik Relaxation. And now, in no particular order.. The Top Ten Toys Bought or Purchased in 2013!

Honorable Mention: Devastator. I've been slowly building this gesalt over the past 15 years. He only gets an HM because most of the pieces I've had for over the years. Plus, I still need an arm and hand for him.

10. Princess Ardalla: I found Buck Rogers' main bad girl at a antique shop labeled Star Wars. $3 later she was on her way home to flirt with the other action figures on my miscellaneous shelf.

9. Zaku II: First of 2 Japanese models on the list. This hold significance due to the fact it was the first time I put water decals on a model, specifically a Gundam model. I HATE applying decals.

8. Stripe: The bad little Mogwai from the movie Gremlins was the second NECA figure I ever got. I just love the realism of him and the way you can move his eyes.

7. Green Lantern: I can't remember the line he came from, but he was part of the winnings I got from this year's Cold Slither March Madness Challenge. I got a gift certificate from Will's World o' Wonder (Check the link!) run by my pal, Will West.

6. Dr. Leonard McCoy: Speaking of Will, the first day I met him, we met at a collectible shop in Hershey where we saw this MEGO figure. I didn't buy him at the time, but I came back a month later and got him.
5. Grimlock: Like 2012, I went to Retrocon with Brian 'Hail Mary' Morin. This year, I won a 25th Anniversary Edition GI Joe figure. I had it, but offered it up for trade for this Transformer. 3 Dinobots down, 2 to go!

4. The Space Battleship Yamato: The 2nd model on the list was a challenge. I purchased it with a gift card given to me by Gabe Swarr for my birthday. It was one of the most insane and satisfying builds I have ever done. (Little pieces stink)

3. Zod: Wandering around near the end of Retrocon, I found the most unpredictable toy imaginable. You first press this Gobot's button on top and then it's a dangerous game to hit the off one on the bottom. I wasn't expecting it but after I got it home and from fresh batteries, it started right up.

2. Cobra Trubble Bubble: I been looking for this in shops and at Retrocon with no luck. Then the Underscoopfire (check that link too!) gang sent to me. With it was a note from the Editor In Chief, Howie Decker: "Dean, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the support you've given the site since day one. Without you we may have packed in and quit by now. it was great meeting you at Retrocon. Here's to more meetings in the future, Howie' When I read that, tears came. The Trubble Bubble was second to these guys I now consider brothers.

1. La-Mar the Reveng-Or: Speaking of a brother from another mother, I got this custom Masters Of The Universe Classics figure from the talented Meister Shake. He made a custom 'me' after seeing me in a sombrero & a Hawaiian shirt from my wife & mine trip to San Diego in '07. I love the Battle Bucket & War Mop he comes with. I added the Recycle Bin of Doom. Thanks again, Meister! #toykarma!

There you have it! This year's list of toy collected awesome. I do believe 2014 will be on the right track too. I gotta get the list for the year ready! Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Kindergarten! 


underscoopfire said...

awesome list! Glad to be a part of it. Here's to 2014!

Sean Smith said...

Great read and list!

Lamar The Revenger said...

Thanks guys!!