Monday, January 06, 2014


In 1980, I started kindergarten. I went to Shanksville Elementary School.  I BARELY remember anything about it. Maybe crossing the parking lot to the playground. I remember singing a song about looking both ways before crossing the street. I don't remember any of the kids' names in my class but I remember going over to this girl's house. She was in my class and she had a cat that hated me and she called me nosy.

 I rode the bus to school. The little kids were to sit in the front but I sat in the back with the bigger kids once. I don't think they picked on my but laughed at how open I was to them. That's most of my memories of kindergarten...

Now, let's timeflip to 2013. My son, Alex, leaves for his first day of kindergarten. He is going to Stiegel Elementary in town. It's the same school my brother & I went to after we moved to Manheim. After the first week, Alex is already saying "I don't wanna go to school" when he wakes up in the morning. Heh. Much sooner than what I did, I think.

He's doing well, so far in school. We had our first Parent/Teacher Conference which went great. His teacher, Mrs. Burns says he's a joy to have in class. Alex is taking to reading & numbers very well. In fact, the wifey said he read a book to her the other night. Awesome! He'll be reading comic books soon enough. (just not mine.. I kid)

The biggest challenge though so far is getting him up. The bus stops at our house at 7:05am. He's usually starting to get up around 6:50. Since it's winter now, like all kids, snow days & delayed starts are the best thing ever for both him AND Mommy & Daddy.

So our little boy has started to grow up and take his first steps into a bigger world. Sadly, every time I think about him going to school, I think about The Logical Song from Supertramp.

Oh yeah.. one last thing. His reputation of being a lady's man is still intact. Michelle & I have asked about the girls in his class if he talks to them. He evades the questioning from me, but gives in to Mommy. Supposedly, there's one girl that he talks to a lot, but don't worry ladies.. his heart is for the teenagers..

Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Podcasts, Toy Karma, & 'Are You SCOOPIN' IT?' 

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