Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dogs, Cats, and Youth

This weekend was good! Except for the snow hitting us right now. I hate this stuff. Oh, hello all! Been a while, I know. We've been very busy with work and all. Shoveling is a pain in the keester. And it looks like tomorrow will involve more. Shoot me now, Michelle, so I don't have to go to work.

Well, back to what's going on. Saturday, the wifey and moi went to Applebee's with Dennis and Lisa Miller. She has her own blogsite at and just hanging with them inspires me to smile! (ha, ha, lisa!) We went over to their house to watch Tim Burton's "Big Fish". Great movie. It makes me cry every time I see it. The biggest thing though is Tucker and Hogan. Tucker loves Michelle. Hogan KNOWS when his buddy Dean comes over. Hogie goes bananas. Nothing says fun when you get mugged by two adorable pups. I think our cats would be jealous. And out for doggie blood.

Michelle has quit the Wednesday Night Youth Group. That's okay, it just wasn't for her. She was getting stressed out for work and the kids and she needed a change. She now teaches the 4 and 5 year olds during Sunday School. They're more her speed. She's better at handling little kids than older ones. She's had practice with her niece. (now THERE'S a ball of energy!)

The cats have been themselves. If I don't work they love walking on top of me or sleeping next to my head. They got a new toy recently and surprisingly it's still in one piece. It's a clear plastic want with a rainbowed felt cord at the end. I can wake them up for a deep kitty sleep by just picking up and whipping it around. Uh-oh, I got Nemesis' attention.

Right now? I'm feeling sad. Have you ever heard something and it sent you back 20 to 25 years ago? As I right this blog, I'm listening to 80s music on the internet radio. And these songs are really messing with my mind. It's making me think of wild stuff. Stuff like, for Christmas of '85, I got a tape deck a.k.a. a very small boom box. I would turn on the radio to the only station I listened to then (when I had control of the dial) FM 97. I would leave it on over night listening to it in my sleep. The music was so good back then, not like the junk they got today. Heck, the only way any pop or rock stars make any money is when they remake the 80s sound. I'm not gonna get started. Anyway, listening to this music is making me sad for the fun and irresponsibility of youth and how you NEVER can go back. No hanging at school dances. Hanging with friends. Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoons. Riding bike with no helmet. Building dams in the stream near your house. Summer camps. Goofing off in school. Climbing trees.

On that note, I leave you. I got to go shovel snow so I can get to work. And suffer like each and every one of you. Catch you on the flipside.

Next Time: I'm Sad.

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Gabe Swarr said...

AH! There's a lot more cool stuff to do when you're older too!

Do miss the music, the dances, and the timelessness too...