Sunday, September 16, 2007

i took over....

meow. it's me enforcer. daddy been bad lately. he's been playing pokemon on mommy's nintendo ds and not posting stuff like he's supposed to do. so i have to write for him. lazy bum. asdf;kl'ghperghpfbpdkfgp --- nemesis, get off the keyboard. she's so naughty. and whiney too. mommy been ignoring us too when she gets home. something about people have no patience.. i don't know what that means. i cheer her up by snuggling up to her every chance i get. especially on her face. she's always saying my name and really petting me hard. daddy did one good thing. he cleaned my bathroom. he needs to to that more often. 3 times a week isn't enough. uh oh. wait a second, krystal walked into the room. time for my daily torture lesson. okay i'm back. she swiped at me one and i got bored with her. daddy filled the food too. nemesis was right there being a pig and eating it all. sorry. had to chase krystal again. she thinks she's mommy's favorite but she's not. i am. mommy and daddy are acting weird lately. they aren't home a lot. and they talk about february 4 like someone is coming over. i just hope it's not a little kid. i don't trust them more than i can throw nemesis. she's getting so fat. i have to go now. need to take a nap on daddy's chair in my room. he says it's his but the whole house belongs to me. maybe grandpa will come over and give me a back massage. meow.

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