Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh Boy Update!

Surprisingly, I'm still alive. When I posted Thursday, I thought it was bronchitis that had me in its grip. Boy, was I wrong. I went home that day from work (without even punching in) crawled in bed and slept. Unfortunately, that didn't help. I still felt sore and worn out. So I walked around in a daze. That night I called off work again. I never call off work two days in a row - I repeat, NEVER. Until now. Thursday into Friday I lay in bed, unable to sleep and mind racing. I knew something was wrong. I got up about 4am and Michelle, who was sleeping on the couch, switched places with me. I did fall asleep then.

Morning had arrived and so did more coughing. This time it got worse. Seeing what came up with the coughing, (sorry no graphic details) Michelle said call the doctor. I did and at the office I found out the bad news. Pneumonia. First bronchitis, now this. So the Doc told the nurse to give me a shot in the behind (my first one!) and gave me a new presciption. He told me next go get blood work and an X-ray Saturday morning.

Well, I got home fell asleep on the couch, awoke with my left shoulder in extreme pain, watched some TV, and then crawled back into bed. I slept pretty good last night. So I got my stuff done this morning. Hopefully, everything is okay. So the rules of the household right now is, I don't care how much he begs or cries, I cannot hold my son. That hurts more than anything. Michelle (God, I love her) has been a single mom these past couple days because of this. She has been my rock, my support, and my nurse. When I get better, I got to do something for her, something special. The picture at the bottom was taken while I was writing this with my cellphone. You can almost see how ugly I look. That's it for now. Catch you on the flipside!
P.S. : Over at the Swarr Family Inc, they wanted me ask themwhat kind of beard they would make for us Schaeffers. Well, hold off, Swarriors, at least till I'm better to enjoy it. And any of you other visitors to here hit their link and check out what's going on there!
Next Time: Ask The Riddler? Wait, Derrick Wyatt a.k.a Transformerman is gonna be here? (It'd be cool, but, no, he won't)


zach said...

what kind of 'beard'? ew.

The Sarcasticynic said...

Cellphone photos are never flattering, are they?