Monday, May 26, 2008

Toy Hunt 2008

When it rains, it pours. Today was no exception to the rule. I went to the flea market I mentioned last time with my dad. Only my dad. Alex seems to have gotten a ear infection. At least, that's what it looks like. So, I don't think tomorrow's farmers market flea market will happen for me. I plan to do the most important thing - take my boy to the doctor's to get check out. Hopefully everything will be okay. Glad I have off tomorrow and I can take him. It's 10:40pm and he's sleeping for now. He tends to sleep all night, but last night he woke up about 2am screaming. He'll be okay and his normal happy baby self. Just like this picture while over at my mom's house. Who couldn't love that face? Heck, the older women are all ready lining up for him. It's got to be the hair and the blue eyes. Killer combo!

On with the aftermath of the flea market! So I got lucky! First of all, I didn't think I was gonna find this stuff. I spent 17 bucks. That made me very happy. (the wifey wouldn't kill me for spending oodles of money on toys. Sad thing is, we only hit the major flea market spot in the town. When we left, there were yard sales on both sides of the streets for almost two miles!
We were tired from walking the main part, we both said forget it, and went home. I said to myself Labor Day they do it all over again.

So this is my acquistions of the morning. I'll run down the list -
1. 2 G.I.Joe figures: Gung-Ho in his Marine Dress Blues (fitting for Memorial Day) and Cutter - a figure that goes with the absent W.H.A.L.E. (it's a hovercraft)
2. 2 G.I.Joe vehicles: The S.H.A.R.C. (a submarine like vehicle) and the Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter. Both were purchased for a dollar each.
3. 3 Transformers: 2 mini-cars (reissues - I look at the company logos) and a Micromaster.
4. The side car for the Stiletto from the toy and cartoon series M.A.S.K.
5. The final item was the G.I.Joe M.O.B.A.T (MOtorized BAttle Tank). Now, I had bought this same item a month ago for the exact same price as I did today ($5), but, the one i got today was in better condition and had it's stickers still on. I'll just use the older one for parts.
So there you go. Oddly, I did see a lot of He-Man toys today. They're nice, but I don't have room for them. That's all I saw. Like I said, they do the same thing on Labor Day. Next time, I hope Alex will come to enjoy the fun. About that farmers market flea market? Well, if the doctor's appointment is later in the day, I think I'll still go with Alex. Unless it rains. I think they're calling for it tomorrow. Ugh. Catch you on the flipside!!
Next Time: Who Really Wants To See My Toy Collections?

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Derrick J. Wyatt said...

Hey Dean,

You mean the side car from the PIRANHA motorcycle. Stiletto was the name of Sly Rax's mask. I picked up a couple good M.A.S.K. figs last week for two bucks each too! It's always awesome when you can get a good toy score without paying eBay prices!