Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Man, The Legend, The Ladykiller

Last weekend, Michelle took Alex to the grocery store. As they walked in the door, the typical scene played out. They were approach by two older ladies, who, proceeded to admire Alex and his hair. Alex, in his usual fashion, just smiles and turns his head shyly way. The ladies just giggle over him as my wife continues on her way. At the register, there is two high school/college age girls and they see Alex coming down the aisle. They look at him and admire his blue eyes and his curls. Well, Michelle, expecting the same reaction from him as he did with the ladies before, pretty much looked the other way, ignoring them. Alex loves the older women. He's my Ladykiller. I used to call him The Midget but, no, Ladykiller suits him now. Especially this lady here. This is Colleen. She will go out of her way to make sure she as him for a guaranteed half hour or longer if she could. She's already wanted babysitting duty numerous times. The door is open for you, Colleen.
Meanwhile, my job as his father is to take as many embarrassing pictures of him, so his future dates get to know this boy and his superpower of seducing women. Catch you on the flipside!!


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Learning To Love said...

Awesome Dean! What an adorable little boy he is! You two were truly blessed.
I love the pics!

Val said...

Colleen?!!? Colleen WHO?!? Who is this woman and just what are her intentions with that little bundle of joy?!!? C'mon! Give! More details!