Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alex's Truck Misadventure

Contrary to the title, this is a serious post. Last Friday, Alex was in a truck accident. He was with his babysitter, her sister (who was driving) and two of her great-nieces. They were driving down a local country road when a fly started buzzing around. They tried shooing it out when the babysitter's sister took her eyes off the road for a second. The truck then side swiped a telephone pole. The babysitter got banged up. She was taken in an ambulance and received some stitches above her right eye, which also got really swelled and black and blue. One of the young girls in the back had a couple of scratches from the glass but nothing worth going to the hospital. Alex, who was in his car seat in the middle (everyone was wearing their seat belt) was completely unharmed. No one else was hurt. The ironic thing (sing it, Alanis) they were all on a drive to go with the babysitter's sister to pay the insurance on the truck.I was at work when my boss told me to go to the safety trailer and see the cops that are stationed at the auction on sale days. I was thinking it was an accident but not one with Alex involved. Unless you're one of those heartless scum parents who don't care about their kids, no parent wants that phone call. You always expect the worse. I instantly left work and headed to the babysitter and her sister's house. I get there and see Alex. He saw me and he got that cute stupid grin he has every time he sees Michelle and I. I took him home and changed his outfit carefully just in case there was some shattered glass in his clothes. Michelle came home and wouldn't let go of her little boy. Very understandable, being that I couldn't let go of him either.We took him to the pediatrician that afternoon, so that an expert could check him out and see if there was something we missed. He was perfectly normal, well, by baby standards (not Schaeffer standards - none of us are normal) After a nice Chinese dinner, we went to visit the babysitter. Michelle and I told them that what had happened was an accident. We still love them and glad that they love Alex so much. We found out the sister was so upset by these events, she can't bring herself to drive anything. We made it clear that this stuff happens and they can't get out of taking care of Alex that easily. That night, my dad came over and looked at Alex and said something that has stuck with me since. He said "You'll forget about it by the time you're an old man." You know, that made me feel a lot better too. Catch you on the flip side!Next Time: The Burnt Knight or What Happens To A Scientist Working With An Experimental Version Of Napalm After Giant Does Cannonballs Into The River Thames...

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