Sunday, August 27, 2006

Broadway to Comic Books: A Love Story

Wow. Time flys fast nowadays. Weeks ago I would've never thought of having a place to tell what's going on in my family's life. Well, to start from the beginning, I'm Dean. I'm 31 and very happily married. (it's fun, guys, just make sure you got the right one. I know I did) My wife is Michelle. She's 28 and extremely beautiful. I love her so much. We got married on December 3, 2005. We just look so darn cute don't we?!? So that's only the start of the fun.
In reality, we are as different as night and day. I love comic books. DC Comics in general. Can't get enough of them. The wife loves Broadway musicals. Can't get enough of them. Two different worlds. WILL THEY GET ALONG?!?!? Well, in the end, I had to give up all my comics. She had to give up Broadway musicals. HA! FOOLED YOU!! I tried to get her into comics. (The closest I got was comic book movies) She got me to go to one show on Broadway (Wicked) and a couple of local theatre productions. Her peanut butter to my chocolate.
So life goes on. Like all married couples, we get the harassment from family and friends about everything from when we're having kids to not wanting to go out on weekends for drinks. As the days go on, you'll hear tales of our lives. It will be fun. Catch you on the flipside.

Next Time: Why It's Not Safe To Take A Nap At The Schaeffers.


The Swarrs said...

This gets the Swarr Seal of Approval...good job Schaeffers...

Lamar The Revenger said...

Thank you very much. So when are you coming for enchilladas?