Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm Not Sick Of The Swarrs!!!

I'm sick. I got the worst sore the worst sore throat, running nose and my body is weak. My wife will take care of me, I hope. She is the greatest friend I got. I love her. Now, there is one family that comes to close second. (without the nursing back to health) They are the Swarrs, and they are the best.
Fred and Val Swarr the best parents (next to mine) anyone could want. Very laid back, almost boheimian, they have kept me from getting their two boys into serious trouble. Val is the only outside my parents who could ground me for three months. After high school graduation. Fred is very softspoken and a extremely talented artist. To quote Val: " I love them. LOVE THEM!"

Gabriel Beau Swarr. The Man. The Legend. Words can't describe him. I've got so many stories about him. He was my best man at our wedding. I met Gabe in seventh grade. He would shake my desk in class. The rest is history. He was the first to get me over my head in comics. He got me out of my puny state of Pennsylvania and to the magical land of California, twice. I would never go there for any other reason. I'll be taking the wife to this place of depravity for his wedding. Karla, his fiance, is just as cool as he is. Only, she is not as over the top as Gabe is. I can't go into everything wonderful and mystical concerning Gabe, (there's is too much) but I know he is the best friend I am so glad to of met.

Gabe's brother is Zach. Man of a thousand talents. Former radio DJ. Former Marine reservist (with time served in the Middle East. Proud of you bub!) Master of Transformer lore and pro-wrestling enthusaist he is a true jack of all trades. Right now, home improvement guru is his forte. With as much stuff as he dabs in, its no wonder his wife Maribeth is a saint. And just like Gabe, Zach has so many GOOD stories over the years that is can't get into. He is a great friend and a brother nutball. Of course, the next generation of Swarr is the next best hope for sanity.

Declan is that next generation. Smart as a whip, adorable, and bouncy, he is the perfect little man. Women love him. He is going be a heartbreaker. Declan may act cute and cuddly, but he knows it. The wife and I can't get enough of him.

So that's the Swarrs. I hope they like my little tribute to my adoptive family. They have been there for me in many ways. I love them very much. Now if I can get over this cold I can go over to see them and not worry about getting them sick. Catch you on the flipside! Next Time: Wednesday Night Church Update!


Gabe Swarr said...

Gabriel Bo Swarr

Thanks Dean! You are an inspiration to me always! Karla says Happy Thanksgiving and she misses you and Michelle!

zach said...

Good blog entry, Dean...the best one yet. Subject matter is everything!

Ahh, housework. I love it!
"Blood makes the grass grow"

Mrs. Swarr Jr. said...

We love you too Schaeffers! (LOVE you). Hurry up and get well so we can have another MarioParty marathon

Mrs. Swarr Jr. said...

We love you too Schaeffers! (Love you). Hurry up and get well so we can have another MarioParty marathon

Fred (Pappy) said...

Thanks for the nice Tribute Dean. You'll always be one of the family ( the son with the biggest heart) and your loving wife too. We love you guys.
Did you know my middle name is Dean? (coinsidence, maybe!)

Mom Swarr said...

WOW, Dean!!! You've done it! You've done the one thing my family tries VERY hard to do, the one thing they KNOW I'll do when my heart if full...I CRY. And now YOU'VE done it. The words you used to describe my family were absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for being a great friend to my sons and thank you for being the very special person you are. You're an official Swarr now, Dean Michelle, too. I love you both..LOVE YOU!!!!

Lamar The Revenger said...

Thanks Guys!! Your words brought tears to michelle's and my eyes. I couldn't ask for better friends, no, FAMILY than you. Don't worry Mrs. Swarr Jr. Mario Party Day is around the corner... After we go for breakfast!!!

Gabe Swarr said...

Dean when was that of my parents picture taken?