Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weds. Night Disaster!

Bad news, boys and girls. Wednesday Night Church Youth Group was a disaster. Now we teach the 6th thru 8th graders. There are four teachers: the Pastor, a lady who helped last year, the wife and me. The Pastor had to substitute for the senior high class teacher and the other lady was absent. Later, I described it as a baptism of fire. The kindergarden to 5th graders acted with more respect and self-control than these kids. I was going to post some of their pictures this week, but I felt they didn't deserve it. There was about four kids who wanted to learn and they were quiet. The others, well, they ruined it for everyone else. Two boys wouldn't talk like humans. Every time we would talk to them, they would respond with stupid animal noises. If that's what our children are growing up into, I"m scared. But most of all, I MUST NOT GET DISCOURAGED. I know they can be good kids. I'm not giving up. My late uncle was a youth leader (i think that's what my Dad said once) and I know he would want me to push on. My brother preached not once but twice for his church. I saw the second time and it knocked me off my feet! He was one of those bad kids at Weds. Night Youth Group and now look at him. I'm trying to strengthen myself for Wednesday. I can do it. YEAH!!! Alright. That's out of my system. Here's some updated cat pictures. Catch you on the flipside! Next Time: Thanksgiving at My Mom's! Or Yes, Eric! Mom Made Stovetop Stuffing Not Real Stuffing!


Mom said...

Hang in there. I think it is great - just fantastic - that you are doing Wednesday nights. You are bigger than they are - and they are not really 'against' you -they're just being kids. Keep showing them love - they may not get much of that at home. Keep them talking - kids like to talk about themselves or what they are interested in. Later you will be surprised what they have learned or what they remember about Wednesday nights. Think about what you learned or how your teachers handled your class on Wednesday nights. I'm proud of you. Love, Mom

Fred (Pappy) said...

Don't give up Dean, They need a role model like you to look up to. Try dealing with them on their level. Do a lesson on animals in the Bible, like Noah's Arc and do animal voices for the lesson. They might enjoy it and learn something at the same time.
Good Luck, and keep on sending out the "GOOD WORD".
CUTE, kitties, too!

Inspiredsmile (Lisa) said...

Hey you two, Don't be discouraged. In James 1:22 It tells us to be doers of the word not hearers only. Be consistent and love them with God's unconditional LOVE! They need what you have to offer...a relationship for God.