Monday, November 20, 2006

Yes, Eric, Mom Makes Stove-top Stuffing, Not Real!

The headline is false. Mom makes REAL stuffing. I just love to pick on my brother. That can only mean one thing... Thanksgiving! Ahhh, the smell of turkey in the oven. Smashed potatoes. Mom's (okay) stuffing. Creamated corn. Store bought pumpkin and shoefly pie. (If you don't know what shoefly pie is, well you're missing out on a taste of heaven) Thanksgiving usually has us going to mom's on thursday. Since being married we now have to split the family get-togethers. This year mom's dinner was Sunday afternoon. It always goes like this.. We stuff ourselves to the point we can't eat dessert. (except pop, he was looking forward to pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream) After dinner, I go to the computer room and play computer games. Mom and Frank (her hubby) get out a board game to play with the wifey and my neice Carrie. Pop starts conversations with Eric (my brother) and his wife Becky. Then, a half hour later, Dad's talking to Frank with Mom listening in, the wife and Carrie are back with me, and Eric and Becky are passed out on the couch. All is right with the world. (Even better, now that I got this digital camera. My sleeping brother has a BIG target on him!) These moments make me feel thankful I've got a loving family. And I quote "Life's been good to me, so far!" On Thursday, we go to the wife's aunt's house for dinner. Woo-Hoo! I get to stuff myself all over again! Oh, wait, the wife's dad will be there and for a 135 lbs. Rambo (private joke) he can pack it in. Here we go! It's on!

UPDATE: Wednesday night church went ten times better this week. The two really disruptive kids were asked to leave. Honestly, it made the class a lot nicer. I think it will get better. I just need to get to church at 6 to make sure they don't go tearing through the church. Don't worry guys! I need more pictures before can post them.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a victim from Sunday. Her cooking is good. Her company is better. BUT, GEE, CAN SHE SNORE!!!!!!!

Next Time: Thanksgiving With the Myers!

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