Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm Thankful For... FOOD!

Now doesn't that look like a good Thanksgiving meal? On Thursday, we went to the wife's aunt's for dinner. Very good food. Michelle's aunt can cook! I really loved it. The stuffing was great. I could drone on and on about it. The rest of the day was spent in front of the TV in their family room. My niece (on Michelle's side) was a unlimited source of energy. When I first met her, she didn't care for me. I was taking her playfriend (Michelle) away from her. Now she can't get enough of me. She's so cute! She'll come and try to sneak up on me. I'll turn around and look at her and she'll run off screaming in laughter (not terror, you yo-yos) She's just so adorable!

One of these days, she will spend the night here at our home. ugh. That much energy for one weekend, I'm gonna need a week's vacation! Well, anyway, that's all that's going on. The last picture is an after pisture with the one at the top. Yum, yum. One thing, I forgot something last time. I won't this time. Catch you on the flipside. (forgot to say that)
Next Time: The Evils Of Smoking. (Look, It's SuperStogieMan!)


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you honey. The food was great. It's always great. Thanks to mom for the great stuffing and pupkin pie. Thanks to Aunt Brenda for the great turkey. Thanks to Aunt Kathy for the great cranberry salad and the best mashed taters. The women in my family are known for there cooking. Have to say my neice said "Aunt Shell those brownies were the best brownies ever". Thank you Betty Crocker!!!!!

Lamar The Revenger said...

that's my wife. funny as ever