Monday, December 25, 2006

What Did You Get For Christmas, Little Girl?

So, Christmas is here. It's 3:08pm EST on December 25, 2006. It's raining pretty hard. Thank goodness it's not snow. I hate shovelling snow. Anyway, its that time to spend with family and friends and the joys of the holiday. This morning started with a bang. By ten after ten we slowly got up to greet the day. We brought what stuff we didn't bring in last night when we got home. (pretty much everything. it was a late night) We then proceeded to open the gifts we got each other. I let the wifey go first. It took me awhile to find her gifts, but it was worth the aggravation. She got from me the following:
5 DVDs - An American In Paris, Brigadoon, Singin' In The Rain, The King And I, and Finding Nemo
1 CD - Broadway First Take
3 picture frames featuring pictures of us two, my mom and her husband, and of course, those three wacked out bundles of energy, Nemesis, Enforcer, and Krystal, the cats of doom.
Yes, it made her day.
Finally, I got something for the said cats. I leave you with pictures of them - in play mode. Catch you on the flipside.

Next Time: New Year, Same Old Mess.

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