Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm

Do you ever get the feeling like something big is going to happen in your life? Lately, it's just been run, run, run. Every weekend at the beginning of the month was spent running to visit Michelle's grandmother who had two really bad strokes. (She's now out of the hospital and under hospice and Michelle's aunt's house. Then, on the 17th we were in New York. The 18th near Philly. Last weekend we spent either at home, with friends, or on the road. This week on Wednesday, we went and saw a play in Hershey. (It's really good and if it comes to this area again, SEE IT!) With all the running around the wife and I have been doing, it's funny just to sit and do nothing for hours. Well, the wife had to work and I did nothing for hours. But deep down inside of me, I feel something is going to pop and change my life forever. Just a nagging feeling mind you. Like someone has a bigger role for me to play in the adventure of life. Oh wait! I REMEMBER NOW!!!! In june Michelle and I are going to San Deigo for the week! My best friend gabe is getting married to the third greatest girl (after my wife and mother) and I'm an usher. That's what's wrong with me. I'm looking forward to that! So that's it for this time. Also make sure you check the new links under the Mandatory Linkage section. It's good stuff! Catch you on the flipside.
Next Time: Nothing Still.....

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Savage said...

Now I know where to come to see snapshots of Gabe dressed up! :)