Sunday, March 25, 2007

Deal or No Deal?

The projects I've been working on are almost complete. The Transformers have been photographed and copied to disk. Here's a taste of some...

My mp3 project worked out perfectly after I figured out to do. The yard project should start kicking in the next few days. It's starting to get nice out side. Finally. No more darn snow. Dad's tractor collection should be started very soon also. Just have to find out when is good for him.

Last Tuesday, I got REAL lucky. As you now know, I collect mostly 80s toys. Well, I'm at the local farmer's market. They have a flea market there. Here, I'm walking around looking at the toys this gentleman has when lo and behold, there is this G.I. Joe vehicle I've been looking for. (I'll post pictures soon enough.) I ask him how much. He says you have to by the whole lot. The lot included about 8 vehicles and about 15 figures. Now this the 80s G.I. joes, from the cartoon. They're tough to find sometimes and when you do, you're going to pay for it. And then they're not in the best condition. The guy I was dealing with wanted to sell them (everything mind you) for the low price of $60 U.S. Situations like this happen not very often. (twice for me) When I got home and looked at my haul, to my surprise I could hear Howie Mandel saying you've made a great deal. In total, the toys were in decent condition, but not near mint. What got me was the wow factor of how many little pieces were still with the vehicles. I'm most likely looking at $150 to $175 U.S. for these toys. And NO they are not for sale, folks. They're mine!

Before I leave you this time, congrats to the Swarrior for figuring out the secret message in the blog a couple of weeks ago. I'm not saying anything right now. You'll be hearing about this project in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, keep looking here for details. heh heh heh. Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Nothing Yet. Nuts. (This is taking longer than I thought.)

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