Tuesday, June 26, 2007


San Diego, California. Land of the Zoo. Home of the Midway. Location of one REALLY BIG convention center. There nestled in at least three places (that I saw) in the west coast's best burger joint. In-N-Out Burger. We just got to San Diego on Sunday. The wifey and I were there for vacation and to celebrate the wedding of our dear and lovable friends Gabe and Karla. After a slight day of rest, we went to this mall Monday evening to pick up some things for their wedding when the hunger bug decided to gnaw on our stomachs.
"Let's go to In-N-Out." Gabe said, with a smile on his face.
Off we went, walking across the mall, out the door and across the parking lot. There was the red, yellow, and white sign. I was giddy with anticipation. The wifey was curious not knowing what to expect. As we walked in, it was almost standing room only. I forgot to mention this was at about 8:00pm. (For a fastfood restaurant where we live, to be standing room only on a Monday night at 8:00pm usually means a really big kid's soccer or baseball team won their game and went for ice cream) The wife and I looked at the menu board. It had the following: a hamburger, a single/single, a double/double. They also had three of the required meal specials, a chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshake. I ordered a number 3 special, managed to find a seat for four, and waited til they called our number (which was really fast too!). My special included an iced tea, fries and a double/double. The rest of the meal was a blur as I bit into that burger. If the wifey told me she was pregant with triples, I wouldn't have remembered a single word. I was In heaven. Now before I go on, the question pops up, "Dean, what's a double/double and why did it affect you so badly?"
These are two double/doubles. Two beef patties, two slices of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions (those three are optional. I don't personal care for tomatoes) and thousand island dressing in a bun. All this talk about this is making me hungry. Anyway, as we left the restaurant, Gabe says what it would be like to eat TWO double/doubles. My mind began to formulate a strategy.

Well, the week went on and In-N-Out was a treasured memory of our vacation. Until Thursday. The Swarr Family Inc. arrived. Thursday afternoon we went to visit them in their hotel room, playing cars with the Little Man, when food was brought up. The Swarrior said he wanted to go to In-N-Out before they had to go home on Sunday. Then it happened. Two car loads of Pennsylvanian tourists started down the 5 towards the Mexican border, only to get out about 5 miles from San Diego at, you guessed it, In-N-Out. Everyone was on Cloud Nine. I brought my camera along and took the Little Man's first single/single, a milestone the Swarrior and his wife Meribef will treasure. Here he is chowing down on the rest of the planet.I, on the other hand, knew what had to be done. The challenge was laid down. I stepped up to the register. The wifey panicked when she heard my order. All parties present were astonished by the gaul of the feat. I left the greatest burger place, feeling like a conquerer, having looted the treasure chests. In-N-Out has a party platter for big get togethers. It's called the hundred/hundred. Hundred burgers and hundred slices of cheese. Four of those burgers and cheese you have my name on it. You can have the rest, because that's all I can do.... Catch you on the flipside!!

For the next time I was gonna say I had a heart attack.. The double/double had its' revenge, but that's not funny. Here's the real next time blurb.

Next Time: Happy 231st Independence Day!!!! Hey, Kid! Put down that sparkler!

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