Friday, July 06, 2007

Three Stories To Make You Giggle, Wonder & Angry

Hi, everyone! Did you all have a good Independence Day? It was a another year without fireworks here at the Schaeffer Funhouse. Well, I lie. Tuesday we went to The Swarr Family Inc.'s residence and both the Swarrior and I got some "legal" stuff, but that ended rather quickly. The next generation of Swarr didn't really care for them. The Swarrior lit the first one and it shot sparks in the air. Then, I lit a "ground blossom" (which I really love) and buzzed in different colors on the ground. The Little Man held his ears and was a little nervous, but he thought they were cool. But that ended with the next set. The Swarrior set two of these off at once and they did the same thing as the first ones, until the end. The small pyrotechnic display ended with a series of LOUD cracks that scared The Little Man badly. He started to cry pretty hard. I junped and started to laugh a little (so did the Swarrior) until we realized what had happened. We both apologized to the kid, trying to stifle our laughs. Of course, The Wifey and Maribeth didn't care for that at all. The Swarrior only said "Who knew?" as he comforted his son. That was the end of the fireworks that evening. The Swarrior still has the ones I bought and if he wants, he can keep them. I still shouldn't find it funny (I hate sudden loud noises too) but I still get a chuckle from it.

Wednsesday found my father, The Swarrior, and I at the movies to see Transformers. I told you folks it was going to be big. I sort of lied to them both saying that I didn't see it, but, I saw it on Tuesday after work. I managed with at my might to keep my mouth shut through it all until the end when I spilled the beans. To all who think I can't keep my mouth quiet, think again! I won't tell you what happens in the movie, but I can tell you this. If you like action, science fiction, humor, and mindless robot on robot violence, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I know that a sequel has been green lighted. It was that good. Heck, it made like $27.5 million the first day breaking old box office records. That's like $1 million per hour! Wish I made that. But that's beside the point. Go see it. The Wifey asked if it was the best movie I've seen so far this year and I said I couldn't remember any other movie I saw after seeing that. And I saw some pretty good movies this year.

Today in the newspaper, there was an article about the final Harry Potter book. I haven't read them all, but I've seen the movies (I know, it doesn't count) and I really like them. Here, in this article it talks about pranksters who love to ruin things for people, like the endings to these books. The last one had these idiots screaming the ending out at those fans who waited in line to buy them the day it hit the stands. Some avid readers are now taking matters in their one hand by blacking out the media, wearing headphones so the don't hear them, and threatening the spoilers with bodily harm. It reminds me of the yutz who would walk out of the theatre after seeing Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back talking about Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker's pop ruining it for people waiting in line to see it. Me, personally, would probably question them before they could run off. I have no worries because I can wait until its made into a film or put on audio tape. Anyway, Harry gets his skeleton removed, but doesn't die, Dumbledore comes back from the dead and marries one of the female Professors, Hermione must kiss Voldemort in order to save Malfoy's life from Haggrit, Ron says his family is responsible for everything that happened to Harry since day one. Boy ain't I a stinker. By the way, before I get blasted by every Potter fan out there, that was all a joke. Some people don't have a sense of humor these days.
Catch you on the flipside...

P.S. Hope you like the worlds cutest kittens in their ultimate fuzziness!

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Mom S. said...

Poor Declan!!! (1st story)
I LOVE OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!! (2nd story)
Who gives a rip! (3rd story)
Mom S.

The Swarrs... said...

Poor lil man is right...who knew? It said "fountain of sparks" on the didn't say anything about "excess use of concussion blast with the decible level of a Boeing 747"...

And I don't know why you had to ruin the book for me like that...I'll use the killing curse on you for that.