Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm MAD!

I have a lot to do tonight. First, take the trash out. Second, wash some dishes. Third, fill some water ballons (for bible school). But, that flew out the window when I got a phone call from my dad. Some punks vandalized the cemetery where most of the late Schaeffers reside.

My Grandfather, Grandmother & Step-Grandmother
"Dean, come with me for a ride. Someone knocked down tombstones at the cemetery where Pappy is laid." He said. I got up and met him outside jumping in his truck, camera in tow, just in case. On the way there, I told jokes I saw on the net, trying not to imagine what we might find. Before we knew it, we were there.

My Uncle

I wanted to cry but the shock prevented me. I don't know how many are in that cemetery, but I will tell you this, about a hundred were knocked over. The local news wagon was off to the one side with one of the reporters interviewing I guy I've seen at work. (I'm gonna talk to him the next time I see him) The news reports stated the a police officer drove into the cemetery and found it. Wrecked tombstones is not something you want to see. It makes you sad one way and angry in another. We drove on looking for our family plot.

My Aunt

As Dad and I got out of the truck, we noticed our spot was untouched. About 20 feet from that spot, there sat granite wreckage. I started taking pictures (some of the ones you see here) for reference and for show the next generation who they were in case something bad does happen. I feel remembering family history is as important as living as a family. You learn from mistakes or laugh at the good times. Destroying grave markers like that is telling people you don't care for anything. Period. They are small monuments to those who have changed their world in their own way.

My Great Grandfather & Great Grandmother

Finally, this is an open request to those responsible. They might not see it, but someone who knows them might. Turn yourself in. Now. Because, somewhere down the road, you'll slip. and then you'll get nailed. We are watching. And we will not take it any more.
My Great Uncle

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