Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Down To The Wire...

Sorry again for the delay. Things are getting tense and exciting here. The baby's room is almost finished. The only thing we need is the crib. We have a basonet in there now. The crib is at a friend's house waiting to be delivered. I wish I could show you pictures but I'm writing this somewhere where I shouldn't again. So the room (as the Swarrior put it) is bright. There is a John Deere tractor border hugging the top of the wall. Half way down is painted yellow and the bottom half is painted green. Friends of ours were working on John Deere curtains but I haven't heard anything yet. Furniture is in (except the crib) and clothes are all ready to go.

The wifey has her bag packed for the hospital and the diaper bag is also ready to go. My bag is somewhat ready, but I think I will be changing some things. Right now I have my laptop in it and I'm debating taking it. I will be taking J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit to read during that long period where the wifey is in labor. Hopefully it will be a short time. Her one friend was in labor 68 hours. My mother said she'll gut me if Michelle goes through that. Don't worry, kids. I'm not about to.

Last week, Michelle and I (more me than her, I think. I definitely wasn't ready) had a concern. She had a doctors appointment and they noticed her blood pressure was really high. So they took her to the Triage section of the hospital and hooked her up to all sorts of machinery to monitor her. If it didn't go down, they would've induced labor. Luckily, as soon as I got there it went down. The doctor said it wasn't time yet. We were 36 weeks in and if the kid can wait one more week, that would be great. Now we're at 37 and the kid can come anytime. Just last night I had the dream that Michelle's in labor and everyone is working like clockwork to get her to the hospital... except me. I'm running around like an episode of Benny Hill with his music playing.

The kids in my church youth group (by the way 100 times better than last year!) are doing a baby pool in preparation to the fun. The person who comes closest or on the date and the weight wins a special prize. And everyone wins in the end, because I'm going to treat for a pizza party. I feel it's like giving out cigars only I won't because that would get me into a LOT of trouble.

On a side note - I have given up cigars. In fact the last time I smoked one was the day before Thanksgiving and I'm still going strong.. Well, I've had cravings but thanks to Michelle, I've stayed clean. Instead I read all the Harry Potter books for the first time in a week and a half. Not bad, though I didn't care for the epilogue that much.

So thats where we stand in the world. The next time should be the announcement you've all been waiting for: Who won the Presidental Election? Well the rate I post that's probably true too.... Ha ha. Catch you on the flipside!

P.S. - I want to mention also: Thanks to everyone who has helped us lately! Especially my parents, Michelle's parents and the Swarrs! Oh and I think the cats know something is up....



Zach said...


You'd better be coaching her and helping her as best you can. I'm gonna smack you the next time I see you...and yes, I'll be using the biggest J.R.R. book to do it.

The Hobbit...honestly.

Anonymous said...

I love you Dean. Best blog yet. Please do not worry about the whole labor and delivery process. We will get through it together, with the help of a lot of doctors, nurses and our great family. Remember "Calm" . I'm saying that now, may need your help actually implementing that.


Savage said...

Best of luck bringing the the littlest revenger into the world!

Even if you bring a book or laptop, I'm sure you won't be able to concentrate and you'll be all giddy.

Gabe Swarr said...

Good luck Dean! We can't wait to hear the good news! Get that baby outta there!