Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fast Blasts!

First, I want to give a shout to Mr. Savage ( and Mr. Robare ( for the support, Over the next couple of posts (probably three) I'm gonna put up the Toast comic I talked about last time. Now remember these were done over ten years ago and they aren't the best in quality. More on that next time. So strap yourself in for this post, because...
...peppered with pictures of Alex, (sorry, its the dad in me) here's a couple quickies that I'd like to call Fast Blasts!
Happy 30th Burfday to my loverly wifey, Michelle! You are still as beautiful as ever, even if you got that little drool on your mouth while you were sleeping in my chair. Love you Honey! If anyone sees her before Sunday (her burfday) make sure you harass the dickens out of her!
My father was in a car accident on Tuesday. He was driving the company van for the auto parts store he works for and blacked out for a split second and ran off the road. The van sheered a telephone pole and went into a field. Dad walked away bruised and with a very stiff leg. At the time the doctors didn't know what happened to him. He has another doctor's appointment later this week to find out whats going on.
My mother is working on a devotional book. I have been requested to draw some of the little artwork speckled thru out it. Instead of writing this I should be drawing. She has the utmost faith in me to have this project done by the end of August. I am the President of the nation of Procrastination.

Alex will be 7 months on Sunday. He's getting so big. He has two teeth and I think there's another coming in. He LOVES apples, pears and pineapple glazed ham. Baby food has gotten varied nowadays.
Work is... different this week. I'd go into it but the only thing I'll say is, if it was an airport, it would be the most secure.. heh heh..
We went to the Fulton Theatre's greet the cast party this past Tuesday. Alex, of course, was hamming it up with the cast of this years season opener, Oklahoma! Sorry everyone, no Hugh Jackman.

So that's what going on. I'm gonna sit down here soon, draw a little and watch some Olympics. Go Michael Phelps!! Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Please Pass The Jelly!

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Anonymous said...

President of Procrastination? I'm the Mother of the President because he got it very naturally!!! He's doing good because he has the publisher busting his chops if he doesn't keep moving!