Sunday, August 24, 2008

Please Pass The Jelly!! Part 1

So this is Part 1 of my comic, Toast. First I want to apologize for some of the content. Let's face it passing gas is bad but funny comedy. Second, on the front cover and title page I used my friend Gabe's imprint. Now at that time, I didn't think it would be used like it is today. Me being a wimp and afraid of lawyers, I deleted the imprint name on these pages. (Can you guess what it was?) Third, this sucker's big. 48 pages big. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find Page 47. That's okay, because that page is the origins of the heroes. I'll give an in depth review of them at the end of this series. Fourth, my address was on the title page. I've moved like 4 times since then. And finally, I got three of my great friends to do pin-ups for it. Two will be shown. Gabe's will not because of subject matter. email me if you REALLY want to see it. Okay, enough talk.. HERE WE GO!!!

Oh, one more thing. Can you spot the things that influenced when I made this? Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Part 2 - Five Years Later..

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Savage said...

Cool comic Dean! I can't wait for the next action packed issue. (Wouldn't it be cool if we could do fun stuff like this for a living?)