Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Please Pass The Jelly! Part 4: The Finale!

I'm posting the final part of my comic. Enjoy!
First of the guest pin-ups belongs to Alex Petretich (Quick fact: Alex partly named after him!) Check out his website: http://www.theabsurdist.org/

Next up is one of my personal heroes: Derrick Wyatt! (Quick fact: Derrick is the master of all Riddler knowledge, especially Frank Gorshin, the original Riddler from the 60s Batman show!) His website is http://derrickjwyatt.blogspot.com/ When scanning in these pages, I seemed to have lost a page. That ticked me off to no end. The page in question was describing the heroes origin. Well, I may not have the page, but I remember them enough to write down. You know Toast's so here's the others!

AUGALUS: The super hero named Augalus is a tortured soul. After his bio-blasts manifested themselves at a high school dance, Augie checked himself into the John Krickfalusi Home for Distressed Superheroes because of the mental anguish. His progress was remarkable
and was allowed out to fight crime and help those in need, until the death of his best friend, Techno the Techno-organic worm, by Tenticus.
MASTER BRAIN: In order to create 'The World's Smartest Soldier', the army drafted a redneck from the backwoods of Pennsyvania into the program. Unfortunately, with all government projects, accidents have a tendency to happen. The soldier lost his arm and leg, but with high tech cybernetics and an exposed brain, Master Brain was born! Of course, his farmboy life still peeps in.
CAPTAIN SHADOW: Marcus Cole had it the best job in the world. A successful movie theatre owner he was on top of the world. That almost came crashing down on him. Walking home from his theatre, aliens with a bad sense of humor abducted him. They mutated him. His body was turning into a living shadow. He now is connected to the Shadow Force, a twisted realm where darkness and They Might Be Giants music plays constantly.

Well there you have it. My first opus. I had (have) plans to do to a sequel or two. Maybe, give or take a few years, I'll get around to telling them. I want to tell you about the last one I had planned. It's such a great idea! Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.

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Very cool series and quite professional!