Monday, September 15, 2008

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.

Back in July, the new Batman film "The Dark Knight" hit the theatres with a mighty bang. I'm insane when I go to the movies. I like to get there REAL EARLY, sometimes an hour and a half before they even open up the theatre. (I'm a freak I know) Why? One reason, is to get a good seat. The other? To get to the theatre before the trailers start. I love the trailers. Trailer is another term for preview. Well, one of the previews stood out and smacked me in the face. It's for the movie: Watchmen
Who watches the watchmen? as the title says. Watchmen was a miniseries published by DC Comics in 1986. It tells of a world where the only heroes allowed are the ones sponsored by the government and all others are illegal by the Keene Act. It takes place mostly in New York in 1985. Nixon is still president due to an amendment change. There is a Cold War, but there's only one thing stopping any thing from getting out of hand. (I'm getting ahead of myself) That's the back story I can tell you about. The only other thing I'll tell you (it's so freaking tough not to spill everything about this!) is it starts out a murder mystery. Everything else? I want it to be like me. Learn everything the first time.
I read comics since the 80s, for almost 25 years. In the 90s, I heard of Watchmen, but never really wanted to read it. For a while I had the 7th issue, but you know how it is to jump in the middle of a TV show you never saw before. I lost or sold that issue and bought another a couple years later and forgot about it til I saw the trailer for the movie. So, the other day I dig up that issue and found out it was the first one. Goody! I can start at the beginning. After I finished it, I knew I needed to the rest of the story. I got the trade paperback (trades collect stories and miniseries into one book) and that's when the trouble started. I read the thing twice in one week.

I finished it the first time I started to cry and then get mad at myself because why in the heck didn't I read this sooner! It was a breathe of fresh air with superhero comics. Okay, Dean, shut your mouth before you start saying anything else. Listen, I got to stop this post before I squeal and spill the beans about everything. I want you to find the trade, or find someone that might have it. It is truly the Moby Dick of the comics world.

But before I go, if you want a look at the trailer, here's the website: Go to the site and let it load. Just one thing, this movie preview has some adult themes. So parental guidance is advised. See, I'm looking out for the little ones. Catch you on the flipside!
Next Time: They Might Be Giants. Finally!

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