Thursday, December 25, 2008

There's Something in the Chimney and I Don't What It Is, But It's Been There All Night Long!

The title refers to Twisted Christmas song about a little girl singing about Santa getting stuck in the chimney on Christmas Eve. Of course, the song goes on to tell about the 'thing' trapped there all year rond. Well, being this was Alex's first Christmas, Santa didn't get stuck. He was worried he wouldn't find him.We spent the night at Michelle's parents. Alex had it bad after his bath before bed. He squirmed his body away from mommy and took a header off the bed and landed on the hard wood floor. He's okay, just a little bruised. After a bottle and some tears, it was off to sleepytime land and those supposed sugar plums that danced there.
The next morning, after about seven hours of sleep for him and 4 for me, (I can't sleep in an unfamiliar place) we got up and ran down to see the presents. Santa came to Ma-maw's and Pa-paw's! Alex got an Elmo DVD and a stuffed dog that talked. Then it was off to Granny's!

Santa showed up there too!!! Alex got some books, a whack-a-nail toy and a wooden abacus! Santa left stuff for Mommy and Daddy also. Michelle got the new Josh Groban Christmas CD and I got The Dark Knight on DVD. Want to see a magic trick?
So for his first Christmas, Alex had a great time, except for falling off the bed. But what he doesn't know is Santa managed to stop at our house anyway. His big gift is waiting there, which means Daddy gets to go bonkers trying to put it together while Mommy watches and nags about what goes where.
Merry Christmas to all. And catch you on the flipside next year!
Next Time: Room Of Doom Has More Room And MegaForce!

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