Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Room of Doom Gets More Room!

I trust everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Years? I know I did. I got so much accomplished. See, I took the past two weeks off for vacation. And boy was it worth it. The fun started on the first Sunday of Week 1.I've talked about my 'Room of Doom' before. Almost every man has one. A Man Cave. An Inner Sanctum. Mine is called the Room of Doom and it was a hog pen. The picture up above doesn't do it justice on how bad it was. I would clean it and it still felt cluttered and in disarray. I had comic boxes on the floor and junk boxes sticking out the closet on top of toy boxes. But that had to change. I needed to do something. I could throw some of the stuff out because I might need it at some later date or sentimental reasons. My vacation solved that problem.

I started first by moving the comic boxes into the hall way. (The wifey didn't like it, but she understood the end result) Then, boxes full of stuff I might need at a later date (namely my NES, SuperNES, and Virtual Boy for Alex when he's older) went to my bedroom closet (I cleaned that up too!) There was some more junk that I really didn't want to throw out, so I moved that out to the shed. I started Sunday and finished Monday afternoon. Of course both of the Swarr boys had to come over in between this time and criticized on how messy my room was. (Hey, I had just started moving stuff out of the closet!) Here is the final result: Well, yes, there's some CD cases, a bag and some cat toys on the ground but it's 100 times better than what it was. Now Alex can crawl in the room and not get stopped by boxes. The wifey was happy too, I could now vacuum the floor. I'm so proud of myself. I can wait show show the Swarr boys now. Except, for Gabe. He'll have to see here or when he comes to visit next Christmas.
So that's how I spent my vacation. Cleaning. Oh, I forgot! I sent Savage from Old Man Musing a wet bottom shoefly pie for him and his wife for Christmas. I hope you two enjoyed it! Catch you on the flipside.
Next Time: Toys! and 98 Posts and Counting!


zach said...

Uh...I'm only counting 93 posts, Mr. Wizard.

zach said...

i know what the issue is...when you sign in to blogger, it say you have X number of posts....it's counting both the published and nonpublished posts...