Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Current Events!

Ahh the sleep of the just.. Yeah, right. Hi, everybody! How are all you happy people doing? Here in the magical land of Schaeffer, we're happy, but things are tough, just like everything else. To be honest with you, right now, this fuzzball got it pretty easy. So, here we go... A little thing I'd like to call: CURRENT EVENTS!!!!

Item 1: The auction is still here, but sales are dropping slowly. Where we would have 8000 - 9000 cars, we're down to 5000 - 6000. My dealer friends tell me that used cars are selling but new aren't. Michelle is busy over at the Fulton Theatre. Right now, The Spitfire Grill is playing. After that is the comedy The Foreigner, then it's one of Michelle's favorite musicals. I call it Les Miserable, but if I don't see it she says, she'll be extremely grumpy and she's gonna hurt me. (I'm joking, honey... or am I?)

Item 2: Alex is Alex. He's trying to walk, but he's definitely a Schaeffer because he's got that stubbornness that is prevalent in my family. He needs another haircut.

Item 3: A couple months ago, I talked about the comic mini-series Watchmen and the movie that was coming out. Well I saw it and I really enjoyed it. Out of all the comic book based movies i've seen in my lifetime, this one was the most accurate adaptation. Only the ending was different, but, it worked extremely well with the overall story. It was the shortest 163 minutes i've sat thru. For some reason, I felt this movie had the same effect (ending wise) like another one of my favorite books turned into a movie, 2010.

Item 4: For some odd reason I've really enjoyed this season's TV shows. I've been watching too much I think.

Item 5: For you bonus monkeys at AIG, why? My wife and I are having a tough time making ends meet and you go and take our taxes and get happy. Honestly, nothing is gonna happen to anybody there. It's depressing.

So there you go. That it for this installment of Current Events. Hope you enjoyed it. Catch you on the flipside!

Next Time: Toys! (Yes, I've been trying to get this post written since last year.)

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