Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swarrior Surprise

I've said many of times on how awesome the Swarrs are. This past Saturday cemented that once more. The reigning princess of the Swarrs, MB, snuck around her hubby the Swarrior to throw him a surprise 30th burfday party. He was definitely caught of guard.

This here proves that there was some massive shenanigans going on if these 4 guys got together. That woman in the back was the instigator.
Here's the burfday boy and his brother-in-law (both have links here! Check out Stone Dead Parrot & Swarr Family Inc.!) planning the Swarrior's Harry Potter Dress-up Day.

The 5lb. Wilbur chocolate bar with almonds was one of many presents given to the the Swarrior, but probably the only heat sensitive one. Even Alex got into the the fun! The Little Swarrior brought his WhatNot Workshop Muppet, Max Eyeball. (don't ask) Maybe, just maybe the wifey might let Daddy created one for the Ladykiller. I guess I'm really gonna have to suck up to the boss on that one...
And finally, the Swarr Brood (minus the Little Swarrior, you can't keep a 4yr old in one place.. My day is coming) looking very satisfied by the afternoon of surprises, laughter and love. You guys know how to throw a party. Swarrior, happy burfday and get back to selling your house. MB, you planned a bang up job! Way to go!! We love you all!! Catch you on the flipside!
Next Time: Yard Work and Toy Hunt '09!


Savage said...

Looks like a fun time and many shenanigans had by all!

mb swarr said...

Yay! Glad you guys had fun. It was good to have all the guys back together once again.

Gabe Swarr said...

Yay! It was tons of fun! Happy Birthday Brother!! Thanks for posting the awesome pictures Dean!

Val Swarr said...

Thanks, Dean, for all the neat stuff you said about the Swarrs! We were glad you guys could make it and help surprise the b-day boy.
YAY Swarrior!!!