Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updates & A Contest?

Hi, everybody! How you doing? Here's where we are standing in this beautiful world we live in. Alex had some minor corrective surgery the other week. It was scary for both mommy and daddy but in the end we knew it would be over fast. He's a lot better now, chasing after the cats and being a little rugrat. The Fulton Theatre started its final show of the season. This past Friday, the wifey and I went and saw Les Miserable. At first I had no desire to see this even if it was the wifey's favorite musical. After seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised how good it was and I recommend seeing it.(And seeing it saved me from going to divorce court - that's mad the wifey would've been if I didn't see it.) Finally, the Toy Hunt 2009. I didn't make out so well this year with the beginning of the season. I got a bunch of comics (surprisingly all Marvel because the last few years I've been a DC man) and 4 toys. I pretty much was disappointed with that.

Ok, all you smarty-pants out there. Here's your chance to crack wise. Introducing the first annual:
Fun With The Schaeffers Funny Caption Contest!!!!

Here's the deal. Some of you out there have a smart mouth. So I've posted these four pictures and you have to come up with a silly or funny caption for them. Here's the pictures and the rules will follow:

1. You can use any of these pictures, one or all, but only once.
2. No swearing (Zach!), cursing or all around nasty comments geared towards the family.
3. EVERYONE CAN ENTER!! Except me because I'm the judge.
4. You have till July 15, 2009 to send your entries with your address to toast1974@msn.com
The winner will be sent a shoefly pie. There's a local bakery that you can mail a pie safely to anywhere in the country. If you've never had a shoefly pie, aahhh, it's sooooo gooooood... Plus I'll post the top ten best comments.
So there you have kids! Hope to see a lot of entries! Catch you on the flipside!!
Next Time: Father's Day!

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Val Swarr said...

Hey, Schaeffers!
Glad to hear Alex came thru the surgery with flying colors!
Happy Father's Day, Dean! Enjoy your day with your family!!!