Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Look, Same Great Fun!

So, like the new look? Thought I'd try something new with the logo. I still working on a replacement just in case things get a tad dull. Plus I streamlined the Mandatory Linkage for webites I visit more often than the others. Also, since last time my Jimmy failed inspection and got repaired. (I have one kidney now..) And my yard got mowed. And then the hay bailer went thru.

It started this past Tuesday. Toy Hunt '09 is in full swing! I plan to go to the big flea market on Memorial Day, but it seems the weatherman is calling for rain. If it does, oh well it won't disappoint me in the littlest bit. It means more time over at my in-laws. On Tuesday, though, I saw one very interesting piece. A Corgi James Bond car that turned into a sub. The guy wanted $25 but I didn't go for it. I was holding out for something I ended up not seeing. Just try to read the list up above. I really wrote it down fast this year.
Today was 'Family Fun Day.' It was the day the wifey, the ladykiller and I got together with my mom and stepfather and went on a tourist binge of Lancaster County PA. (For those who live out of southern PA a quick word... It's pronounced Lancaster not Lan-caster.) After a artery clogging breakfast buffet we headed to take a horse and buggy ride. Alex really liked and had a good time. I on the otherhand, thought I was gonna get sick at the beginning of the ride. I was still suffering from eating too much at breakfast.

After the buggy ride, we went to the Strasburg Railroad. If you visit Lancaster, you almost have to ride this train. Alex is 16 months old and he's been on it four times. I've only been on it three times. That little bum, besting his father. Then, after the train ride, we went and had a very light lunch at a local ice cream shoppe and headed back to my mom's house. Where, with no questions asked, this turned out to be the over all consensus of everyone.

Shhh... Catch you on the flipside.

Next Time: Toy Hunt Aftermath


Savage said...

The pic Alex zonked out is great! I bet his dad was zonked out too.

Val said...

Your blog looks great! And it looks like you had a great time on Saturday. Sure beats walking around Gretna looking at junk!!!

zach said...

and there are no trains in Gretna either...

Paul said...

Dude, your cat on the bottom right there really freaks me out. It looks the spitting image of my beloved childhood cat almost dead on.