Saturday, November 07, 2009

Time Flies...

HI!!! How's things everyone? We'll just say it has been busy the past couple of weeks. And boy, have we been busy. I've been trying to keep up it all so here's what happened...

Sorry Phillies fans, it's Yankees here in Schaefferland. I'm not gonna instigate people (the Wifey made me promise)
So the other week the Swarrs paid a visit from their Los Angeles home. A late night ensued.

Farm Show came and went. Alex wanted to motor in this tractor, but...
Instead he settled in his new truck. Here's to hoping he doesn't drive like his father..
Speaking of the Ladykiller, he's doing fine. He dressed up as a farmer for Halloween. Here he's getting ready for Sunday School... Too cute for words. If his mother has anything to say about it,
he's gonna have longer hair than what he has here. Yes, ladies... The killer curls are still there somewhat.
So my baby is dying. She had her steering column replaced just 3 weeks ago. Now she's overheating a little bit. So I've started cleaning her out because I feel she'll won't make it til the end of the year. I love my GMC Jimmy, but, after 160,000 miles she's ready for retirement. I thing my next vehicle willbe a mini-van or some type of 4x4 that's a 4 door. I don't want to crawl in the back anymore to put Alex in his car seat.
That's the most of what's going on. Hopefully I'll be able to update again soon. Don't forget, I am thinking about you all out there fighting the good fight. Catch you on the flipside!!
Next Time: New Car? Turkey?

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