Saturday, November 21, 2009

The New Woman In My Life

This is Enforcer. Right now he looks very, very angry at me. Well he should be. I got a new woman in my life. She's younger than my last one. She's bigger too, but sleeker. She's got an old fashioned name but that don't bother me at all. She's got it all where it counts also.

Oh and Michelle likes Mabel too.....

This is Mabel. (Had you going didn't I?) Mabel is a 2003 Ford Windstar. Claudia (my 1987 GMC Jimmy) was dying a slow and agonizing death. Drastic measures were taken before I would be left stranded on some back road in the middle of a snow storm with a screaming 2 year old. Mabel is sweet! Nice and roomy, she's great for me a nd hauling the Ladykiller around. We just got a TV from some friends and it fit perfectly in the back without removing the seat. She has the following: power doors, power pedals, entertainment center with a VCR, CD and cassette (good), a very well kept interior and engine, and rear warning sensor. She goes really fast without trying. The wife said something today about her car has been replaced as the family car. I love driving it and now know what a car made in this decade feels like on the road.
So, I'm sorry if i fooled you into thinking I was being bad. To make it up to you, before I go, here's a new video of Alex at a burfday party the other Sunday. Cuteness reigns surpreme. Catch you on the flipside!


Nicole Vickers said...

The 2003 Ford Windstar is a very spacious car, which I think suits a family like yours. What I like about this machine is that it has top of the line safety equipment. So you’re sure that your family is always safe. One of my friends bought one so they can use it for traveling. She really loves the car because her kids feel so comfortable, even during long rides.

Delsie Maidens said...

“The New Woman In My Life” Nice introduction you have there, Lamar! “Oh and Michelle likes Mabel too” and then... “Mabel is a 2003 Ford Windstar.”--- Ooooh, okay! :’D Haha! Well, for some guys, cars are like women; they truly care and love their cars just like how they treat their woman. :)