Friday, January 01, 2010

Year In Review

Hello! Christmas and New Years has came and went. So, because I haven't posted in a long time, here is what I'd like to call: Year in Review or What Did I Learn In 2009?" Here we go!!

I learned that my son is a train lover. His grandpa built him a handmade wooden train for Christmas. Also, A is for apple, B is for apple and C is for apple, unless Cookie Monster says C is for cookie. Cats love to bother my wife in the middle of the night by laying on her head. It doesn't matter, new (or freshly bought used) cars will always have some sort of things wrong in them. A universal truth all men need to know (I've known this but just restating it): Wives are right 99.94% of the time. The .06% when they're wrong is a husband's job to remind them that they are. You can't go back to living with family after you've been on your own for 15 yrs. Visit? Yes. Stay more that 2 days? NO. It is possible for one person to have 3,038 comic books. Blackest Night is the best comic series of this year. Children have a tendency to surprise and scare you with out trying it. The government is going to mess your life up anyway possible. Giant generators take up to a month to get to nuclear power plants from dock they are unloaded from. Wednesday Night Youth Group is great when I help out with the Middle School class (10x better than the one from years ago). Forgiveness can be the greatest thing in the universe and if you did me wrong in school, you're a friend. Sushi still is good. Sleeping is the second best thing to do. Playing with your son and his toy is the best thing. Top 3 movies for 2009: 3. Watchmen 2. Star Trek 1. Avatar. Life is good as long as you have a positive outlook and try not to loose your cool. As much as think you know more will be learned as you grow older, or if you'd like, Age-ibly Enhanced. Finally, it never hurts to help! Catch you on the flipside!!

Next time: KOOMBYEYAH!!

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