Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Adventure.Excitement. The Schaeffers Grave These Things.

This episode is a little early this week. We're taking a little trip this weekend. What started as a little drive to look at the leaves changing color this fall, is turning into a major adventure. We are going to Somerset, PA. What in the sam hill is in Somerset? When I was little, I lived there for about 4 to 5 years. There's not much out there, except for the Flight 93 Memorial. Still, we're going to go. Drive out, look at the trees and the beautiful scenery, go to church and drive back. The wife doesn't know what she's getting into. I CAN"T WAIT!!! It's so awesome out there. If I had the money, I would've bought our old house and use it for a cabin and hunting camp. Anyway here are some pictures I took the last time I was out there in 2002.

The picture, to the right,is where I lived. It was a traditional farmhouse with a big barn. The rats who own the land tore down the barn. They dropped the property value when they did that in my book. Next, that is the church we went to. It was huge! It reminded me of a castle. I heard the last time I was out there, the hosptial across the street was going to tear down the church and expand their building and/or put in a bigger parking lot.What the heck?!?! Nothing is sacred anymore. I'll update this story when we go out there. I hope it's still there. That would be sad.
Here, below, we have Seven Spring Ski Resort. My Dad worked there during the third shift over the winter running a snow machine. A very nice and beautiful place. I doubt we'll get there this trip. Finally, here is the one thing everyone must go and see while out there, the Flight 93 Memorial. When I first went there, I had tears in my eyes. It's one of those places you could here a pin drop a mile away. Very quiet. So, that's what's happening here. We hoping for a good trip. I got a digital camera just for this trip. Catch you on the flipside. Next Time: An All Picture Post of Our Trip! (gotta put this thing through the Schaeffer test!)

SPECIAL ALERT!!!! COMING SOON!!! Who Are These People and Why Do They Look So Happy?? Find out the gory details in the next few weeks!!

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