Sunday, October 08, 2006

Do I REALLY Know What I'm Doing??!?

So, a couple weeks ago, the wife and I started to help at our church. We are the teather aides for the 6th through 8th grades (middle school - junior high for all you old time manheim central vets) for the Wednesday night youth program. We didn't know what to expect. They're good kids, unfocused, maybe unruly sometimes, but good kids. Helping out like this is fun. It's funny, the wife and I already have a favorite. I know, when you're a teacher, you don't play favorites. This girl is the quietest out of the bunch. If the others would calm down a little, I can imagine what can get done. Our average class size is 10 to 12 for now. After November, as the other teacher told us, the class grows to about 20 to 25. Oh, boy. Compared to when my brother and I were going to Weds. Night Church - that was the size of ALL the class combined sometimes. Most of the class are girls. (yikes!) The boys that come, sometimes, are distracting the girls (of course..). I think, if they all were quiet one day, I would think something bad happened to them. I hope that their energy rubs off onto me. Though, I am happy that all these kids are coming to learn about being a better Christian. Anyway, here's a shout out to all those kids in our class. Remember, kids: Stick with us here. It's almost over. Don't loose us yet. Catch you on the flipside. Next Time: I Don't Know, Maybe The Wife Will Write One.

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