Friday, February 15, 2008

Now For Something Out Of Left Field...

Okay, First I'm just finishing being sick for the third time in almost as many months. Unfortunately, Michelle now has it and my dad does too. Now the waiting game begins to see if Alex gets it. He's almost a month old and he may still have some of that "baby immunity" some of my friends have told me about. I hope.... Now, I'm not gonna worry about it. If it happens, well, everything will be okay.

Meanwhile, enough of the worry. On with the FUN! Okay. I have a friend on my myspace page named Frank. He's from Palmyra, PA, just a hop, skip and a jump up the road. Frank sent me a comment today that I had to respond to or I would've felt bad because I didn't do it even after he said would. So here's what I'm to do:

I've been tagged! Here's how you play: Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to tag, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment (You're It!) and tell them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you, so let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can check it out...

10 Things About Dean "Lamar The Revenger" Schaeffer You Probably Didn't Know and/or You Don't Care!

1. I love listening to the Carpenters. Karen Carpenter had such a sweet voice. I've always thought of the song "Close to You" as a song for this comic book character named Longshot from the late 80s run of the great Marvel series The Uncanny X-Men.
2. I have all five seasons of the television show Babylon 5 on videotape - twice. First was the regular pan and scan version and the second is the wide screen version. But, I only have season five and the movies on DVD.
3. I willingly took a shower with four (4) kittens back in the early 90s. It was a dare. And YES, I wasn't clothed.
4. I flipped a car on its side... And I want a videotape of it. I wrecked my mom's car in '93 going into a turn and walked away with a brush burn on my arm. I had my seatbelt on, too. Wear'em kids!! My mom sometimes gets mad about it, but I still think it was like a cool stuntman crash.
5. I was grounded from my best friends house by HIS mom after his brother and I had a water gun/balloon fight and we messed up the windows...on the outside of the house. Still sorry Val.
6. I found out I flunked fifth grade until after I got back from 4-H camp. Made me who I am today.
7. I've written and drew a comic in '97 - '98. I also made a t-shirt advertising it. A select few understand the phrase "Prepare For World Domination." I also tried writing a science fiction book at the same time too.
8. My exgirlfriend was my wife's roommate before we married. In fact, we hooked her up with a friend of mine. They lasted two years and we lasted four months! The wifey and I started dating after they were broken up for a year and a half. And it's worth every bit!!!!
9. I can't eat eggs. No eggs can pass over these lips. Don't like them. I can eat them mixed in baked goods and pancakes and such, but I will throw up all over anyone within 200 miles if a tiny piece is eaten. My parents say when I was a toddler I could not stop eating them. We lived on a chicken farm at that time and maybe I saw where they came from... out of the behind of a chicken, the same place as the pooh. Makes me sick just thinking about it. Ugh.
10. At one time I had over 5,500 comic books. I have maybe 1,000+ now. They were sold by my mother. And FOR THE RECORD - I hold no grudge. And I never will.

So there you have it. Ten facts about me. I think I can name at least 5 people on my Myspace page that might do this. Amy, Carla, Bones, Daniel, and MB. I can't give any other reason except they put up with me. If not, oh, well. Thanks, Frank, for giving me something rather than the monkey to post about! The only thing left to say is - Catch you on the flipside.

P.S. - More pictures next time!

Next Time: Aftermath of the Flu or Do I REALLY Want That Shot?


zach said...

The funny thing about #4 (that you failed to mention) is that you rolled the Battle Beast toward the left while making a left hand turn...once again Dean defies the laws of nature...

aand I think that #11 should have been the whole alien abduction story...

Savage said...

Cool stuff to know. Thanks!