Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boy, 1 1/2, Learns Tractors Are Cool, Grandfather Pleased.

Saturday, my father took the wifey, the ladykiller and I to this farm museum called Rough-n-Tumble for their "John Deere Days". Uh oh. Grandpa is in heaven... With Alex right behind!
They had the standard, an antique tractor parade, a lawn tractor pulling cut-off barrels with seats for a kiddie ride (Alex couldn't do this... he's too small) and of course tractor pulls. If it wasn't green and yellow (or pink and purple as one young girl had her John Deere painted) it wasn't walking out alive.
Of course, this was the Ladykiller's first time at something like this. Grandpa wanted to take him to one of these ever since he was born. And, boy, did he have fun!
They also had a small train ride there too. Daddy and Alex HAD to take two rides on it. Hope PopPop Frank doesn't get jealous... He's the one that takes him on train rides...

After playing in the 'corn box', Alex had corn practically everywhere, including in his diaper.. (Not THAT type of corn, Swarrior! Get you mind out of the gutter!) It was a good day. My dad won a t-shirt as a door prize, which he then gave it to me. Finally, by 1:00pm, the tractor pulls started

While watching it, Alex would start dancing to the unique putt-putt sound of the tractors. Then, we looked down and found this...
... He fell asleep!!! Catch you on the flipside!!!
Next Time: The Blackest Night (I promise! Trust me..)

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