Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bullpen Bulletins

Good Morning. Let's get to this updated version of quick hits (modelled after Marvel Comics' Bullpen Bulletins) going shall we?

ITEM! Recently, my aunt and uncle were up from Tennessee. Of course, this means family get-together. It was held at my cousin's place. Fun time was had by all. It did rain but that didn't dampen the spirits of seeing loved ones.

ITEM! Thank you, Mom and Frank, for all the work you've help complete to our home! About a couple months ago, that big bull in a china shop (me) fell through the bathroom floor beside the tub. After a few hours of repairs, we now have a new floor in the potty room. I might have been hesitant on the flooring choice, but I've warmed up to the blue carpet.

ITEM! The summer's second tractor show was held the other Saturday at a local farm. Dad, the ladykiller, and I went to see the pulling and other farm related activities. Pictured is a similar Minneapolis/Moline my father owned when he had the farm. Only thing is, this one is a little bit more rusty.

ITEM! Back in July, our washing machine took a dump and stopped working right. The water would not go down. After some pointing in the right directions by my mother, we found a cheap repairman. I was fooled by the look of his operation, with all the old washers and dryers sitting around, but THIS GUY ROCKED!! Not only did he walk me through the first repair (which was putting on new belts) he then did a house call and found and fixed the real problem (it was a clogged pump - what clogged it? I think it was one of Alex's socks) and adjusted the height all for $40! Yessir, Myers Repair is the one to go to!

ITEM! Monday the 17th was Michelle's burfday! Yay, Wifey!!! So we went to her parents on Sunday for lunch and to relax at their house. Their neighbors have a pool. So, Alex and I brought along our swimming trucks and jumped into the water.

His first reaction was of one fear, which was understandable, but after a while and when Pa-Paw got in he really started to love it. To him, he probably felt like he was in a big bathtub. Of course Michelle wouldn't get in. Chicken. Oh yeah, Sasquatch was spotted in the pool too!

There you go. That's all for now. Catch you on the flipside!
Next Time: Mowing Madness!

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