Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Things We Used To Do at Vacation Bible School

Last week our church had that fun week for kids and adults... VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!! I'm still recovering from it. Everyone had a great time with our theme, "Crocodile Dock". It had everything, Bible stories, testimonies, food, games, crafts (I wanted to make the picture frame!) and really bad comedy with a really bad southern accent.
Most of my time was spent with this class, the 7th and 8th graders. They may look like trouble, but they're a bunch of good kids. Now if they can get over that dopey "Twilight" facsination...

One day at VBS was spent subbing for the regular 1st thru 3rd grade teacher. These guys were a blast. They're smarter than what I was at that age.

Like I said, games and food. Up top, was a cardboard mat race. And down below, the class with the most offering giving in one night gets a pizza party. For 3 years the oldest class won the pizza.

Nancy, the pastor's wife, asked me to do a little acting for VBS. And so Skeeter was born, bad southern accent and everything. It was great for the kids, but, yeah, it wasn't pretty. I had a really good time at VBS last week. I personally cannot wait til next year.
Before I close up for this installment, I want to give a shout out to all those lucky people going to the San Diego Comic-Con. Especially you Savage. Enjoy yourself! Catch you on the flipside!
Next Time: The Blackest Night!

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